Roma Sports Event - Brand Identity, Product & UX Design

Roma Sports Event (RSE) it’s a company which deals with the organization of nationwide sports related events. In 2015 RSE partnered with the multinational company, Ironman, for what concerns the organization of Italian Ironman events. Above the event organization, RSE deals also with the management of all the Triathlon athletes willing to participate to the Italian edition of the competition.

The Challenge

Considering the next events organized by RSE in Italy the association needs a distinctive visual and brand identity in order to introduce themselves to all the stakeholders.

My Role

As part of a team, I was in charge of the User Experience of the digital project. I also worked with the whole team to develop the brand identity.


Since no-one was familiar with the triathlon topic we decided to make some research on our own in order to have clear the subject we were referring to. Then we decided to develop our analysis in 6 phases:

  • Analysis of RSE;
  • Analysis of Ironman company as an organization from which Roma Sports Event depends, but from which it has to be differentiated;
  • Analysis and research on the stakeholders, their objectives and needs;
  • The analysis of some Italian and worldwide sport events agencies and their communication strategies;
  • Analysis of some multinational sports brand as case studies for what concerns the look and feel, communication strategies and tone of voice;
  • Analysis and research on the Italian Triathlon Federation in order to understand to understand its role.

  • Analysis

    We proceeded with an analysis of the current situation regarding Ironman and RSE identities, in order to find out the distinctive features. In order to fulfil this analysis, we employed the Kapferer's prism.

    Stakeholders: Need and Objectives

    Thanks to the previous analysis, researches and some information extracted from the briefing we were able to identify the main stakeholders and we were able to align their objectives and needs with the one of RSE throughout a diagram.

    Main Goals

    After all the previous analysis and a brainstorming we were able to determine RSE’s main goals:

  • Distinction from Ironman;
  • Spreading the Triathlon to a larger audience, extending the target even to people with a lack of economic resources;
  • Involve those who don’t practice Triathlon firsthand;
  • Create social moment;
  • Increase Triathlon visibility;
  • Increase education to sports;
  • Enhancement of the territory.

  • The Concept

    After identified our stakeholders and our main goals, we were able to brainstorm all the ideas emerged so far and gather them in a map. This allowed us to find out some possible concepts from where to start to develop the new visual identity.

    Identity Elements

    The identity elements of Roma Sports Event emerged from the analysis are:

  • The passion for sport;
  • The professionalism showed in the desire to organize events accurately for all participants;
  • The strong link with the national territory;
  • The determination in achieving their goal;
  • The valorization of the single individual and of the whole group as a source of support and encouragement;
  • Sporting values as life values;
  • The idea of sport as a lifestyle and as a day by day journey towards our own goals;
  • Innovation.
  • The company has shown a sociable, engaging, stimulating, friendly personality. For those reasons the colour chosen to represent the brand's identity is the orange since it is a vibrant, energetic, youthful, sociable, dynamic and innovative colour.

    Visual Identity

    We had 4 proposals for what concerned the visual brand identity, and after a selection, the company selected the one that follows.

    The main concept of this logo resumes the idea of sports like an everyday path, an actual lifestyle. The trait fluidity recalls the idea of an EKG (electrocardiogram), because “sport makes our hearts beat”.

    Communication Strategy

    Once we defined the new visual identity of RSE we had to develop an offline and online communication strategy in order to settle a communication path for the company. For what concerns the offline side we suggested RSE to create some sport-related events for schools and families in order to educate people at sports. We also suggested the company to tie some sponsorship and partnership with some sports brand. Furthermore, for the offline communication, we designed some posters.

    For the online communication, it was essential to design a website since they didn't have one. Furthermore to strengthen the brand awareness we developed some copy and visual contents to broadcast on social networks, in particular, Facebook and Instagram.


    All Day App

    In order to tie a real bond between the audience and the company, we suggested the design of a mobile application which may stimulate the development of a real community around the brand. The application is going to merge the two vision of the brand: playing sports and the idea of community. We wanted something that could support the idea of an everyday athlete, following the audience day by day. For this reason, we decided to create the mobile application “All Day APP”.